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About Sport Lottery

Understand how the handicap works

Many novice players often misunderstand one thing. It is always believed that the high and low scores of the handicap are related to the win-loss rate. In fact, the handicap is adjusted based on the total betting amount of all players. It can only simply reflect which team most players think has a higher chance of winning. It does not mean that the team has a higher chance of winning. The team’s winning rate is higher than the opponent’s!

Don’t bet all your chips on a single game

Some old players will always jokingly call certain players gambling dogs. Although this adjective does not sound good, it is true that for some people, they always have an overly optimistic attitude when betting, and do not bet all their bets on a single event. ! The ball is round, there is no guarantee of winning or losing! These are very important!

Just do your best

Regardless of whether you are betting on lottery or other types of gambling games, please note that “you are winning or losing with real money.” Of course you are happy when you win, but you can only accept losses when you lose. Do everything according to your ability and do not make bets that you cannot afford.

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